Jet X Pin Up Casino India Gambling Game

Jet X Pin Up is a gambling online casino game designed for many users. You are not the only player who bets every 15 seconds. Gamblers also launch planes around the world at this time in the hope of winning. They place bets on various flights, and each player decides when exactly to exit the game. The rates of other users do not affect the amount of your profit.

Players are used to the fact that most real money games are similar to each other. For example:

  • in slots, players spin the reels,
  • in card games, collect certain combinations,
  • in roulette, choose a number and colour to place a bet.

Developers from SmartSoft Gaming managed to create a unique product with no analogs in the gambling world. Poker, jackpot slots, and European roulette have nothing to do with airlines. JetX and other gambling games have only one thing in common — they bring capable real winnings to the gambler. If you want to diversify your gaming experience and try something new, JetX for real bets for you is a great option.

The following table will allow you to get acquainted with the main technical indicators of the Jet X India slot machine.

Date of issue



SmartSoft Gaming

Minimum bet

0.1 credit

Maximum bet

100 credits

Max multiplier






Bonus Rounds


Game type

Crash game, multiplayer game

OS compliance

Windows, Android, iOS

You will not have to:

  • memorize complex card combinations,
  • study instructions,
  • remember which symbols give the most winnings,
  • deal with Wild and Scatter payouts,
  • study the features of bonus games,
  • understand other intricacies of slot machines.

Just bet on the duration of the flight and exit the game in time. This is a completely new look at how you can play for money on the Internet and get real money without much effort.

Jet x Demo VS Real Money

Gamers from India can play the JetX slot machine at the Pin Up online casino. The site offers two options for launching a slot machine:

  • demo mode
  • for cash rates.

The game for real bets will be available immediately after registration and depositing the game balance. For Indian gamers, you can make payments and place bets in the national currency — the Indian rupee.

The following table allows you to explore the features and to distinguish characteristics of each type of JetX slot game.

Demo version of the game

Gameplay for real bets

  • Available for every user.

  • The player does not need to pre-register.

  • Users do not use personal money for betting.

  • The online casino gives the player virtual credits for the game.

  • The gameplay does not carry the risk of losing your funds.

  • The demo mode allows you to deal with the details of the slot machine safely.

  • Players can run the slot machine as much as they like.

  • The slot demo version allows you to create and work out a winning gameplay strategy.

  • This game mode does not bring real winnings to the user.

  • Available only to registered users.

  • Players must go through the registration procedure on the casino website.

  • The gameplay is based on personal money gamers.

  • Bets are made based on the funds that were deposited into the game balance.

  • Gameplay carries the risk of losing investment.

  • The gameplay can be continued as long as the game account balance is positive.

  • Players can expect to receive real rewards.

Features of a Jet X demo version show that such gameplay is available for every client. Players do not need to register and, even more so, use personal funds. Very often, gamers use the demo version of the slot:

  • as an introductory step;
  • gaining experience;
  • study current strategies;
  • mindfulness training.

This approach allows in the future to more successfully launch the aircraft based on real rates and successfully conduct gameplay. After all, the demo version of the slot machine allows you to study all the details, figure it out and practice. In this case, further making real bets is not so scary. Players are confident in the gameplay, and in 97 cases out of 100, they win.

Playing for money in the JetX slot requires the most careful preparation. It is important for a gamer:

  • understand the mechanics of the slot machine;
  • understand the basic rules of the game process;
  • learn the rules and scheme for accruing winnings.

The user's main task is to raise the plane as high as possible. However, this should not be taken literally. After all, the essence of the gameplay is that the plane can break at any second. In this case, the bet is reset to zero, and the player wins nothing.

JetX Crash Game is multiplayer gameplay with auto elements. One round can take an unlimited number of people. And most importantly, winnings and losses are independent of how many people take part in the round. Therefore, you should not perceive other players as rivals.

Since the game is multiplayer, the players do not start each round independently. The flight lasts every 15 seconds, and the player needs to press anything to start the round. The main thing is to have time to set the desired rate. Players can find out the results of the launch immediately, just like they can take their winnings from the last round. A win can be obtained if the gamer manages to fix the coefficient before the plane crashes. The loss will be if the plane crashes before fixing the coefficient.

Winning from the round depends on two indicators:

  1. Coefficient.
  2. The size of the bet.

If everything is clear with the coefficient. It increases throughout the round and resets to zero in the event of a plane crash. Further, the size of the bet is determined by each player individually.

Setting a bet is elementary. The provider has provided a wide range of bets for each round, where the minimum credit is 0.1, and the maximum credit is 100. Players from India can bet in the national currency — the Indian rupee. The player needs to open the scoreboard with bets and choose from the offered standard options or set his bet size without going beyond the range allowed by the provider. Once the bet size is set, you can wait for the round to start and watch the ship's flight closely.

JetX games can bring gamers winnings from every round. The main thing is carefully monitoring the aircraft flight and fixing the coefficient in time. You can pick up the bank by clicking on the corresponding «Stop» button. And then, the system will automatically calculate the number of winnings by multiplying the round bet by the coefficient. He wants to make a bet for the next round or leave the game and take the payout, then the player decides whether.

Players can use two options to withdraw winnings:

  1. Click on the «Collect» button. After that, the plane will stop its flight.
  2. Activate the auto-withdraw mode of stopping the aircraft when a certain coefficient is reached.

In the second case, players can set absolutely any coefficient. In this case, it is not necessary to monitor the gameplay, because the round results will be recorded when the desired coefficient is reached.

Residents of India can play JetX slots for real money at Pin Up online casino. For this, the gambling portal offers all the necessary conditions. The following table will give you the details.

Quick registration

The casino offers to create an account in minutes. But only adult users can register.

Transparent membership conditions

The Pin Up online casino has a Curacao license, which indicates that the portal complies with generally accepted rules and regulations.


For new customers and regular players, the gambling portal offers many interesting bonuses that make the gameplay more profitable.

Fast payouts

The casino does not delay the withdrawal of winnings. The site offers many payment systems, and players can conduct transactions using Indian rupees.

24/7 support

The Pin Up casino website has a 24/7 technical support service. Players can at any time seek help for problems and get professional advice.

Many gamers from India prefer to launch the JetX crash game on Pin Up online casino sites. The gambling and entertainment platform offers everything you need for a safe and captivating gaming process.

Is it legit to use JetX Predictor online?

It is forbidden to use JetX predictor online during the launch of a slot machine on the Pin Up Casino website. The use of any programs that would affect the results of issuing odds is strictly prohibited by the site administration of any casino. The player account from India or another country will be blocked if illegal activities are detected.

Pin Up Casino offers new customers to get acquainted with the Terms and Conditions for using the gambling and entertainment portal services. This clearly describes all the features of membership with an online casino. Players run the risk of getting «banned» risk if they violate at least one point.

JetX Tricks for winning

The JetX slot machine runs on a random number generator. This characteristic indicates the honesty and transparency of the gameplay. There are no strategies that promise 100% results. However, certain techniques help increase the chance of successful gameplay.

The following table will familiarize you with the techniques and their features. JetX tricks gameplay will increase the chances of success.




The strategy is to increase the bet after each loss bankroll gradually, and after winning, immediately lower it to the initial value. Thus, the amount of the monetary reward received will not only cover all losses, but also provide income.


The strategy is to bet equal amounts until you win and then wager the winning amount on the next flight.


The strategy provides for a gradual increase in the rate to certain values and a gradual decrease to a minimum. This is an even game, which, although it may not bring a lot of income, will not allow you to lose a lot of money. In this case, it will be a payment for an interesting time spent.

Jet X Game Download App

Pin Up Casino offers gamers from India a Jet X game download from the mobile application. The program allows you to run the JetX edge game and other slots from your smartphone. The mobile application can be said for Android and IOS operating systems. Therefore, each client can install the program quickly and free of charge.

The Pin Up mobile application has the following advantages:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • A complete set of features.
  • High speed of task execution.
  • Not blocked in other countries.

The application can fully replace the official website due to such characteristics.

Pin Up Casino mobile application has certain minimum technical requirements for a gadget for successful installation and effective use. The following table allows you to explore the minimum technical parameters for gadgets.

Operating System

File Size

OS Version



35 MB

from 4.2



35 MB

from 10.0


Players need to follow a series of simple steps to download and install the Pin Up Jet X APP. Instructions for downloading and installing the program are as follows:

  1. We go to the official website of the online casino Pin Up.
  2. At the bottom of the main page, we find the installation files of the mobile application.
  3. Select the file that suits the OS of the device.
  4. We press the «Download» button.
  5. Select Install an application on the main screen of the gadget.

  6. We are waiting for the file to download.

The corresponding icon will appear in the device menu as soon as the file is downloaded and installed. The mobile application installation starts automatically after the download process is completed.


How to play JetX?

JetX gambling follows simple online casino rules. The essence of the game is the flight of the aircraft. The player's task is to observe the aircraft's movement and fix the coefficient in time. You can fix the coefficient using the «Stop» button. It is important to have time to press this button before the plane leaves the controlled radars. The player will lose the current bet if the plane crashes before the odds are fixed.

How to withdraw money from JetX?

The withdrawal of winnings from the JetX slot machine is simple and according to the standard principle. The player goes to the «Finance» section in his account and selects the «Withdrawal of winnings» tab. The next task of the gamer is to specify the withdrawal amount and choose the payment system through which the financial transaction will take place. Essential! You can withdraw the winnings if the gamer plays the game for real bets.

Is JetX legal in India?

Yes. The JetX slot machine works based on a random number generator. It is licensed. Therefore, every reputable casino offers gamers from India to launch this crash game on their official website. The game has been checked by special commissions and is allowed for use by gamers. Therefore, Pin Up casino clients from India can safely launch a slot and be sure of the honesty and transparency of the game.