JetX Bet Game - Play for Real Money in Pin-Up Casino

Online gambling, for many people, is a fun way to spend free time after work that lets them relax and get the necessary entertainment. Some people like card games because they require skills; others prefer slots, but there's another great option: crash games.

Crash games, like JetX, are unpredictable, making them fun. One might ask why not play slots? The answer is simple: crash games like Jet X have user-friendly gameplay. Gamblers don't have to spend hours to figure out how the symbols work, in what line one must get these symbols to win, how the bonuses work and apply (if they do), etc.

The Jet X game features a plane that sets off into the sky, and players must withdraw their winnings before the jet crashes: JetX games are that simple! It has everything a player needs: a demo version to learn how to play, auto controls, and a double bet option. Check out this table to learn more about the game.

Game provider

SmartSoft Gaming

Demo mode




Min multiplier


Max multiplier


Min bet


Max bet

INR 100

Devices to play

Phone, tablet, computer

JetX Game - What Is It?

So, the Jet X game India is a crash game that is extremely popular among gamblers who prefer this game mode. We will dive into the details of the gameplay further in the article, but briefly, the game's goal is to place bets and withdraw winnings before the plane crashes. Now, about how to create an account and proceed with JetX bet.

You should create an account or log in to the existing one. If you're not registered, go to the "Register" and follow the instructions. The next step is checking your email and verifying it through the link. You're one step further to start playing the JetX game. Now, a gambler must replenish the personal balance in the Personal Account section to play JetX. It's worth mentioning that Pin-Up has a demo version for most games (if the software developer creates them), so you can play for free by choosing "Demo."

Online casinos must comply with AML and KYC requirements, so gamblers must verify their identities. The process requires sending a snapshot or a scan of a document that proves your identity and age. It takes around 15 minutes to be verified and start playing the JetX bet game, but in rare cases, the process may take longer (depending on the number of requests).

Once you're verified, you can replenish the balance. Go to the "Deposit" section and choose the payment method (similarly, proceed with money withdrawal when you're done playing). Make a deposit and go to the JetX games (it's in the "Crash Games" category on Pin-Up).

How to Register

Now that you know the Jet X game, learn how to create an account to start gambling. To start enjoying Jet X, create an account at Pin-Up. Here's what you should do:

  1. Visit our official website and find the red button "Register" in the top right corner of the main page; click that button.
  2. Add your email and create a password.
  3. The country and currency are chosen automatically.
  4. Choose the bonus (automatically, the site offers a 120% bonus for casino gambling).
  5. Click on the button "Further."
  6. Verify your email by checking your mailbox.

Now, you can make a deposit and start playing the Jet X game at Pin-Up. Choose "Play" to gamble for real money, and "Demo" to learn the tricks and tips in the demo mode.

How To Log Into The Pin-Up JetX

If you've joined the friendly Pin-Up family, you can log in to your existing account. Here's what you must do:

  1. Click the "Log in" button near the registration feature.
  2. Enter your phone number or email (depending on what you chose during registration).
  3. Enter your password.

Choose "Forgot your password?" if you need to change the password.

Account Verification

Verifying your identity at online casinos is a necessary step because it serves multiple purposes, from preventing fraud and money laundering to protecting vulnerable individuals, including minors and those with gambling issues.

You must send a copy of your ID, like an Aadhaar card, passport, or driver's license. It confirms your identity and age (both are important). Typically, it takes a few minutes to get verified, but it may take longer if many players want to register.

JetX Demo Mode - How It Works

A demo mode of a game is like a sneak peek into the thrilling world of JetX that offers players a taste of the action without any commitment. Instead of real money, a player uses the virtual currency (DMO). You can manually place a bet or set the bet amount and make it automatic, so the system places the bet each round. Even if you lose all virtual currency, refresh the page and start playing again. Let's see how to activate the JetX demo mode and what it offers.

Jet X slot free play is your ticket to exploring the exhilarating yet simple-to-understand gameplay, multipliers and how far they go in the double-bet mode, and stunning graphics that the full version has in store. Yes, the Jet X free version has a full set of characteristics, including a live chat. But what exactly can you expect from JetX's demo mode?

First and foremost, the demo version of JetX provides a hands-on experience of the game's mechanics. You can learn how to place bets, understand how multipliers work, and get a feel for the adrenaline rush when the jet crashes, and you manage to cash out your virtual currency. It's your chance to get comfortable with the game's controls and intricacies without diving headfirst into the real deal.

But why might you need this demo mode, you ask? Well, there are a couple of compelling reasons. If you're new to JetX or the world of crash gaming and gambling, the demo mode is your playground for learning the ropes. You can practice, experiment, and fine-tune your strategies without any real money on the line. It's like having a driving simulator before hitting the open road.

Consider the demo mode as your game tester. It helps you decide whether JetX is your kind of game. It's an opportunity to try before you invest to reduce the risk of playing a game that might not tickle your gaming fancy.

So, how do you activate JetX's demo version? It's simple! Just head over to the game's page at Pin-Ups' "Crash Games" section and choose "Demo" instead of "Play." If you like the Jet X demo and immediately understand how it works, you can just switch to real money gambling by choosing the button "Play for money" at the top of the game window.

Such software providers as SmartSoft Gaming ensure that their demo modes follow the same algorithms as the real-money game. Players can be positive that their testing of strategies is useful because the demo mode has the same RNG and other features.

The pros and cons of the JetX demo:

Pros ✅

Cons ❌

No monetary loss.

You can't lose, but you can win and withdraw money.

Learn how to play.

Can't fully test luck.

Learn about potential tricks.

You can't feel the adrenaline rush because nothing is at stake.

Test your strategy.

Have the casino experience without actually gambling.

Jet X Slot Free Play - Benefits and Advantages

So, if you can't win money, why should you play at all? There are a few other reasons not mentioned before. Even experienced players can enjoy demo mode for a casual gaming session without stress. JetX's demo mode eliminates the risk factor. You won't have to worry about losing your hard-earned cash while still getting the hang of things. It's all about fun and exploration without the fear of financial setbacks.

Demo mode allows you to explore the game's features and serve as a great helper. Moreover, you can even use the live chat to communicate with players and ask for tips (although the latter rarely works because not everyone tends to use that chat).

The demo mode is also good for those who try to limit their spending on gambling. If you're on a budget (which is a great idea because one must have limits) and can't spend this day/week/month, just use the demo mode. You can also play the JetX demo from your phone.

JetX Game - How to Play?

After a few rounds of Pin Up Jet X, you'll quickly become familiar with the gameplay and the steps for each round. The main objective is to predict how high the jet will soar before its inevitable crash. The betting range in JetX is quite accommodating, ranging from INR 5 to INR 100. This wide range ensures that players can prolong the game or go all-in.

Once your bet is placed, the jet enters the virtual skies. As it climbs higher, the multiplier steadily increases. Your mission is to anticipate the jet's crash and cash out before it explodes - that's why the game is called "crash," such games go on up until the main object on the screen crashes/disappears/etc.

Here's the catch: if you cash out prematurely, you might only receive an x2 multiplier when the jet could have soared to an electrifying x30 multiplier. That would be a bummer, watching the jet keep going, and you've already cashed out. On the flip side, if you wait too long, the jet explodes, and you'll walk away with nothing; talk about nail-biting tension as you strive to predict the perfect outcome each time.

The multiplier journey begins at x1 and can ascend to exhilarating heights, and if you're lucky, you can cash out before it's too late. To secure your winnings before the jet crash, hit the "Collect" button. This action rewards you with a prize equal to your initial bet multiplied by the multiplier at your chosen moment.

These are the Jet play control buttons:

  • Bet - place a bet.
  • Cancel - the button appears when you make a bet; you can cancel it.
  • Collect - cash out.
  • Auto bet - set the bet and the system will automatically place bets each round.
  • Auto collect - set the multiplier at which the system will auto-collect your bets.

The game offers two sets of bet tables: that's what players call a double-bet mode. You can use one bet table and place one bet, or use two tables simultaneously.

Mechanics of the Pin-Up JetX Game

The JetX casino game has simple mechanics that let you control the game however you prefer. As mentioned, the game has a double bet system where you can place two bets simultaneously. Moreover, you can make bets automatically. For instance, if you're afraid that the jet crashes more often than it takes off further, set the multiplier at x5, and the system will automatically collect your bets.

Note that there is a slight chance that the Jet may crash immediately once the gameplay loads, and you can lose your bets. That's why it's a great idea to play the demo version first to see what multipliers happen more often.

The game's interface includes a handy result history table on the side of the screen that allows you to track the outcomes of previous rounds. You can chat with fellow players in real-time: the live chat section is located below the statistics table on the right side.

Verifying the Fairness of the JetX Game: A Step-by-Step Guide

All trustworthy and licensed casinos must provide fair gaming opportunities to all players. They do so by complying with the "provably fair" gaming principle. Provably fair means that the casino ensures that the outcome of games is fair and not manipulated. Moreover, such software providers as SmartSoft Gaming have a great reputation, and its software is not rigged.

As for the JetX game, it is based on RNG (random number generation), so multipliers increase randomly. You can be positive that playing JetX is safe, and the game is fair. However, play in respectable casinos like Pin-Up to avoid scams.

Jetx App - How to Play On Android and iOS

If you were considering playing JetX from your phone, this section explains what to do. The JetX bet download is possible for your gadget (like a smartphone or tablet) if you download Pin-Up. The idea is simple: download Pin-Up APK for Android or make a JetX bookmark for iOS devices.

The JetX app for mobile devices offers accessibility and convenience. You can play your favorite game anytime, anywhere, whether on your daily walk in the park, relaxing at home, or waiting in a queue in the store.

The Jet X app is designed to provide an optimized gaming experience on your smartphone or tablet. The interface is intuitive, and the game runs smoothly on these devices, ensuring you don't miss a moment of excitement. You just need a stable internet connection and a desire to gamble.

The mobile app at Pin-Up also comes with exclusive features and bonuses specifically created for mobile players. Keep an eye out for these special offers to get mobile bonuses on top of those that you already receive regularly at Pin-Up India.

Moreover, it's a lot easier to navigate through the game and place bets because of the app's touch-screen controls. Yes, you can use the computer mouse to place bets, but somehow, it's more convenient to do so by using your finger: it's faster and more like the 21st century.

As mentioned, you can install the JetX mobile app for iOS and Android. We will describe in detail what to do for each app. But for now, let's focus on another convenient option for those who don't like installing the app: playing the mobile version from a browser.

Here's what you should do to access this option:

  • Launch the web browser on your mobile device and visit the official Pin-Up website.
  • Type "JetX" in the search bar or go to the "Crash Games" section to find the game (it's on the first page; you'll notice it).
  • Log in with your existing Pin-Up account or register as a new player.

You can now access the wide range of Pin-UP games and start playing right from your mobile browser. The games are designed to be mobile-responsive, and this version ensures a smooth gaming experience without delays (unless you have a terrible internet connection).

Playing JetX on your mobile browser offers the same exciting gameplay, multipliers that increase and take your breath away, and chances to win big without the need for the JetX apk downloads. Now, learn more about how to download an app, depending on your OS (Android or iOS).

Download JetX Android APK

The app for Android is unavailable because the Play Market bans any casino apps or gambling platforms. However, you can download the JetX apk on your phone. Do the following steps:

  • Visit our official website. It's important not to download APK from any other unofficial website.
  • Open the APK file and enable installation from third-party sources (or other sources than Play Market).
  • Wait for the installation process to complete and open the app.

You can access all Pin-Up casino games from the mobile app. However, the app has requirements for devices. Check out the table below.




Android, version 5 and newer

Google Play Market


App volume

43,12 MB

Necessary space for installation

100 MB


1 GB

Get JetX app for iPhone (iOS)

The Jet X game download process for iOS users differs. You can make a bookmark for Pin-Up or make a direct bookmark on your home screen for JetX. Here's what to do if you choose the latter option:

  • Launch the Safari browser on your iOS device.
  • Type the Pin-Up URL ( into the Safari address bar and press "Go."
  • Once the Pin-Up website is loaded, navigate to the JetX game (in "Crash Games").
  • Look for the share icon at the bottom of the Safari screen (it's a square with an arrow pointing upward).
  • Select "Add to Home Screen."
  • Name the bookmark.
  • Tap "Add" in the upper-right corner to save the bookmark.

Here are the requirements for the JetX to work well on iOS devices.




iOS, version 10 and newer

App Store

Unavailable, app in development

App volume

23,4 MB

Necessary space for installation

100 MB


1 GB

Useful JetX Game Features

Jet X has multiple useful features like statistics, auto bets, JetX demo, and a double-betting system. These features make gambling more convenient and ensure the player better understands the game. For example, the statistics offer valuable insights on bets, multipliers, etc; while the Jet X demo helps to learn how the game works.

RTP (Return to Player)

Jet X has a high RTP, which means a return to player. It's a concept that explains how much a person can expect to win back in return. For example, JetX has an RTP of 97%, which means players get 97% of their bets back. However, there is always a chance that they win much more if they make a successful JetX bet and wait for the multiplier to go over the roof.

Demo Mode

Jet X demo is another amazing feature that improves the gameplay. Beginners and professional casino gamblers can learn about the game, how it works, and make the best decisions.

Statistics of Completed Bets

One of the best features of JetX games is the statistics. This feature shows all recent multipliers and bets. Moreover, the statistics show the data of all players who made bets in a round. So, you can check out who won, who lost, and how much they won/lost. You can use this data to adjust the size of your bets to minimize losses.

Automatic Bets and Withdrawals

The automatic bet and withdrawal system in the JetX game is like a stop-loss in trading: it places bets. It withdraws your winnings automatically once the multiplier reaches the specified number. For instance, you place INR 50 and set the system to auto-withdraw when the multiplier is x3. Thus, you get 50 x 3 = INR 150.

Pin-Up Jet X- How to Earn Money

So, how to win JetX game when gambling at Pin-Up? First, it is possible to win more often, but it's important to note that there's no guaranteed strategy or magic trick for consistent wins. However, players who approach the game with a well-thought-out strategy tend to earn more in the long run.

Understanding the rules of the JetX game is the first step to maximizing your earnings and minimizing losses. The game revolves around placing a JetX bet and predicting the multiplier in each round correctly; and as the jet climbs, the multiplier increases, and the goal is to cash out before it crashes. This requires a keen understanding of the game's dynamics and, perhaps, the usage of the auto-withdrawal function.

Since Jet-X is about predicting multipliers, automatic withdrawal ensures you don't miss out on a good cash-out opportunity. It eliminates the risk of cashing out too late, although it doesn't mean that the multiplier won't keep increasing - so it's a tricky thing to predict the game. However, it enables you to secure your winnings effectively.

Keep in mind that gambling at casinos is more about entertainment than earning money

Pin-Up JetX Strategy for Winning: Ticks and Tips

Crash games are based on randomness, but players can still use various tricks, for example, Jet X game tricks. This crash game features a unique double-betting system, allowing both manual and automatic bet placement and cashing out that you can use to your advantage.

One effective JetX strategy is to monitor the multiplier as the jet climbs closely in the demo mode and check the statistics. By observing how the multiplier increases every second, players can make informed decisions on when to cash out.

For example, if the multiplier consistently keeps going for longer periods, it's wiser to wait a bit longer before cashing out. If the jet keeps crashing, consider using the auto withdrawal system at multiplier x2. However, these are just examples, and you can use other JetX game tricks.


Before we go into tips and tricks, let's talk strategy. There is no one magic trick, but you can use a few strategies. Let's start with "play volatile," which is all about placing larger bets.

The idea is to start placing larger bets in JetX to maximize your potential winnings as the multiplier soars. It's all about aiming for those big wins, but it's important to cash out on time - that's when you can use the auto cash-out button.

The game's dynamic multiplier system allows for substantial rewards, but it also means you might experience big losses, so ensure your rounds are shorter. For instance, use the auto withdrawal system at multiplier x2, then place INR 100. As a result, you should cash out with 200 INR.

Another popular gambling strategy is Martingale (originally a trading strategy). The idea is the opposite of what we've described in the former method: start with a modest bet on JetX, say INR 20. If you win, excellent! Begin again with the same initial bet (INR 20).

If you lose a round, double your bet for the next one, going from INR 20 to INR 40. Keep doubling your bet after each loss until you win. When you win, return to your initial bet. The Martingale strategy aims to recoup losses with larger bets, but it's vital to have a sufficient bankroll and recognize the game's volatility. Thus, it's still a good idea to use the auto withdrawal system.

And the last strategy is called "Betting big on a low multiplier & betting low on a high multiplier." If you anticipate a higher multiplier, place a bigger bet, say, 70 INR. If you expect a lower multiplier, make a smaller bet, about INR 20 or INR 30. You can use the game statistics to see if there is a pattern.

Tricks and Tips

We also have a few tips and tricks for you to benefit from. You can choose a Jet X game hack or other tips and use them as explained in the list:

  • Stick to your chosen strategy for the mid-term. Consistency is a good trick, whether it's big bets for small multipliers or small bets for big ones.
  • Be cautious with high-risk strategies. They can be fun but use them sparingly for enjoyment rather than banking on hitting the jackpot.
  • Blend auto-bets with safer odds (1.2-2x) and high-risk bets. This way, you're likely to either recover your bet or score big winnings.
  • Spend time in demo mode to get a "feel" for the game. Test different strategies, learn the rules inside out, and you'll find it easier to gamble and win.

If you're prone to emotional betting, opt for auto-bets. They take the guesswork out and keep the adrenaline in check - and we've been claiming this feature is a good idea throughout this article, so check out our strategy section.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

The payeer may use traditional banking methods, like debit/credit cards, e-wallets, local systems, and cryptocurrencies. Here's the list of cryptocurrencies that you can use to make a deposit:

  • BinancePay (BNB).
  • Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Ethereum (ETH).
  • Tether (USDT).
  • Dogecoin (DOGE).
  • Litecoin (LTC).
  • TRON (TRX).

You can use these cryptocurrencies to withdraw money as well. In the table below, you can see all the payment methods available for deposits.

Payment Method

Minimum Deposit (INR)

Maximum Deposit (INR)







WhatsApp Pay


















Here is the processing time schedule for these methods:

  • PhonePe: 2 hours.
  • PayTm: 2 hours.
  • WhatsApp Pay: 2 hours.
  • BHIM: 2 hours.
  • UPI: 2 hours.
  • Astropay: instant.
  • Jeton: instant.
  • BankTransfer: 2-5 business days.

Crypto payments are instant. Now, let's see the withdrawal methods available for players in the table below.

Payment Method

Minimum Withdrawal (INR)

Maximum Withdrawal (INR)







PayTm 2















Here is the withdrawal processing time schedule:

  • Netbanking: 2-5 business days.
  • IMPS PR: 2-5 business days.
  • PayTm 2: 2-5 business days.
  • Astropay: 2-5 business days.
  • EcoPayz: 2-5 business days.
  • MuchBetter: 2-5 business days.
  • Jeton: 2-5 business days.

The processing time may depend on the amount of requests and other factors.


Is It Possible to Play JetX for Free?

Yes, the game is free to play through the demo version on Pin-Up.

How Do I Begin Playing JetX with Real Money?

Go to Pin-Up casino, find the game, and choose "Play" instead of "Demo." If you're in demo mode, switch to real money gameplay using the "Play for money" button at the top of the game's screen.

What's the Minimum Required to Start Playing?

The minimum bet in JetX is INR 5.

What is the JetX Game?

The JetX game is a crash game.

What's the RTP (Return to Player) Rate for JetX?

The RTP of JetX is 97%